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No two fitness journeys are the same!


Make sure your fitness plan is tailor made to suit you with Tally Ho!

We believe in creating an experience for you along your fitness journey.

Your fitness journey is completely different to other people's and it should be tailored as such.

You have complete control over everything!

  • You can choose the subscription you want

  • You can choose the days and times that work for you

  • You can rebook your check ins to suit your schedule

  • You can choose the workout and location to train at

You can make changes whenever you want!

Keeping a consistant fitness plan is easy with Tally Ho!

Tally Ho is utlizing the best of the apps to enable you to schedule one on one training, plan your week and follow online training whenever you feel like it!

Trainerize - is like having your personal trainer in your pocket.

All of your specially tailored workouts are in one handy easy to use app, including videos, instructions and direct contact to your trainer.

You can track your exercise and watch your progress along your fitness journey.

Members Only on Wix- everyone needs a bit more flexibility in their lives.

Using the Wix app allows you to book in with your trainer when you want, change it to suit your schedule, book group training sessions, get educated... it's all about you!

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