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Follow a work out.





We work with an awesome company called Trainerize.  

This allows our clients to keep progressing,

get realtime advice and answers and finally get the results they really want!

Track your fitness journey, nutrition and make some new eating choices, track your steps and workouts even if you're not in the gym.  

Now work, family and just normal life won't get in the way of achieving your goals.  

Workout with flexibility, education and confidence knowing that we are keeping a close eye on you to help and support your journey!


Download Trainerize via Apple or Google Play


Members Only

Our clients love using the Wix members only app to create their bookings and make any changes.  Simply set up your account using your email address and begin making bookings on the times and days that work for you!


Life should be easy, fitness should be easier, so we give you all the control.  

It's easy to make bookings, cancel or change your booking.

You can change your subscription and your details as easy as that! You'll also get reminders via email and text and the Wix members only app will integrate with your calendar on your phone.


So you'll never miss a session or a class!


Download Wix via Apple or Google Play

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