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Get the most from your fitness by training One on One with our qualified and experienced PT team.


Guidance, education, fitness, wellbeing, everything you need specifically tailored just for you.

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With Covid -19 hitting us hard globally, 

Online Fitness is a must have in your daily schedule.  If you are working from home no problems.  We have your daily exercise covered, tailored to you and ready to go at the push of a button.

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Welcome to Tally Ho Training

Hi and welcome,  it's great to have you here. 

The world has managed to turn itself on it's head.  Literally a complete 180!  

Everything stopped including gyms and any businesses connected to them.  


Tally Ho Training - THT has still been working and supporting our team members with their health and fitness

while in lockdown.  Because we are partnering with Trainerize our clients are still able to connect with us and do virtual training sessions in the comfort of their own homes. 

We are looking forward to being able to get back to our one on one training sessions and because your health and safety is so important to us our trainers have been issued Personal Protection Equipment to use at your sessions.

We are accepting new Team Members now, so if you are ready to start your fitness journey,

just have a chat with Lisa. 

Who is Tally Ho Training - THT

Tally Ho Training was established in 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand.  Although Lisa has over 20 years experience as a Personal Trainer spanning 3 countries, she had to come home to New Zealand to achieve one of her biggest goals.


That goal was creating a system where clients could choose exactly what their fitness journey looked like,

where it took place and to have the flexibility to change bookings, trainers, locations etc when they wanted.

If you have ever worked with a gym or a personal trainer before, you will know that you are told what to do,

when to do it and how to do it. There is little to no flexibility in the 'normal' commonly used system.

Lisa knew that needed to change!  So...


She began turning those wheels and finding the right people to join the THT team.  These people had to be qualified, experienced and have a genuine love of helping and connecting with people.  

Not only was she looking for Personal Trainers, she was looking for the right people to help drive and grow the business.  Accounts management, Web design and development, Marketing and Virtual assistants.

As the connections were made momentum started picking up. THT then partnered with the online platform Trainerize to offer virtual fitness tracking, exercise workouts and progression through the use of the app. 

This allows your trainers to progress you via workouts on the app and gives you the education to know exactly how each exercise is performed.  Trainerize also allows you to connect and send messages, video call and talk directly with any one of your trainers. 

Knowing that exercise is only one part of the system to achieving the results you really want, nutrition had to be included.  So Lisa went on the search for the perfect match. She found My Fitness Pal, which is an easy tracking app which also connects and tracks with Trainerize.  


All of your information in one place...Yes Please!

Since Tally Ho Training was created we have helped hundreds of people to change their lives for the better.

 Time is our greatest enemy, and memories are what we are left with. You can be fitter, you can be healthier and you can have a longer more fulfilling life.

Say YES! and let us support you throughout your fitness journey.

Get Started 

Choose Your Trainer

Why have one when you can have all of them!​

That's our thoughts too.  

When it comes to fitness your body progresses really fast when it does lots of different things.  

Now you have the opportunity to select the right trainer for the right day.

Feel like a...

Stretching session,

High intensity workout,

Heavy weights session,

Run and cardio workout?

Now you can choose from our team of qualified, experienced Personal Trainers, so you get the right connection every time!

Choose Your Location

Location, Location, Location,

We know you have very busy schedules and having to travel to a certain location after a full on day may not be what you want to do.

So why not choose your location...

Gym, Park, Beach, Rustic Gym,

Your House

Wherever it suits you... we will be!

We work from City Fitness Gyms with 36 clubs Nationwide and 10 clubs Wellington wide

Don't let location be a problem, or an excuse.

Choose Your Bookings

Your bookings are now in your hands


Committing to ongoing bookings is a fantastic way to hold yourself accountable and show up to your appointments. ​

When that meeting shows up, or you work shift work with rotating rosters... making appointments becomes a real issue.

Now you have complete control. Make your own bookings, to fit in with your schedule, change bookings as you please. 

Your selected trainer will be there when you are!

What Our Clients Say


"Lisa listened to my long list of injuries & my struggles that come with having a fused SI joint, back issues & a wonky knee & put together a program that was just right for me.


Lisa pushes me & tests my limitations.

I can't thank Lisa enough for everything she has done for me - I am motivated & feeling good about myself both mentally & physically.”


"Lisa is a fabulous trainer.  She cares about her clients, and just in the gym.  


I have never left a session feeling bad about my progression what I can achieve.  

She is funny, kind and a bloody fantastic trainer!


I cannot recommend her enough!"


“I was nervous when I first started training with Lisa and I was right to be

- she pushed me in ways that I didn’t know were possible and it’s been incredible for my confidence!


Mentally it’s a huge breakthrough to know that I can do things on a

Swissball or TRX when I've been seriously intimidated by these things in the past or didn’t even know what they were.  On my own, there’s no way I would have pushed myself even half as hard as she does.  She’s the epitome of tough love

– she’s tough and I love her!”

Tally Ho Training


Wellington, New Zealand 

Tel: +64 22 353 2803


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