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As more and more of us are beginning to work remotely away from the office, the time is right to look at how corporate health and fitness needs to adapt and change. Our virtual fitness programmes are specifically designed to keep your employees inspired and connected through a combination of personal and team communications, motivational health and fitness challenges, education building webinars along with tracking progress effectively to maintain a results based programme. 

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Our experienced team comes with over 22 years of face to face and virtual coaching management. 

Personal relationships and real life interactions are what builds strong, connected, happy employees creating an awesome team! 

Developing healthy lifestyle habits will help to develop strong foundations and a healthy workforce retention rate.  This is why we believe in delivering a real person focused approach that utilises technology.


Our virtual services include:

Virtual Fitness Coaching
Video Fitness Coaching
Virtual Personal Training
Educational Webinars
Online Health and Fitness Challenges
THT Focussed Sessions
Live Stream Group Classes
Reporting, Tracking and Engagement

How THT keeps it real

One of our points of difference - which we are incredibly proud about - is our personal touch and our focus on knowing people and being connected. 

You will always get a real THT fitness professional on video chat, webinar, email, letter, pigeon delivery, smoke signals... etc


Your virtual fitness management team is here to give you:

  • Live chat during office hours

  • Fitness orientations for new participants

  • Video coaching

  • 1-1 virtual personal training

  • Health and fitness challenge promo's, advertising and implementation

  • Live stream webinars

  • Live group fitness classes

  • Phone, email, and social media support

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THT Focused Sessions

Developed and designed by THT Fitness Professionals our online workouts require no to little equipment and have timeframes to suit you. Whether you have 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes available, all you really need is an internet connection and some floor space.


THT EDU Webinars

Be a life long learner and add these webinars to your collection of valuable information. Designed and delivered by THT Fitness Professionals you will learn from the best with specific focus on health and fitness, nutritional advice and healthy cooking, sleep and rest, stress management and work life balance.


Health and Fitness Challenges

Specially designed virtual challenges that keep your employees feeling connected wth their team and company as a whole. This is especially important for remote workers. Relationship building is one of our key focus points and we know a well connected team is a strong one.  Why not challenge the marketing and account departments to a virtual dual! 

Get your toes wet...

Now's good... lets get started by designing your tailored virtual fitness management plan, perfect for your workforce. Increase employee health and fitness through THT's innovative virtual platforms and programming solutions.

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