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Enjoying what you do is one of our key focus points. Imagine the HR and the Marketing Departments going head to head in an epic battle of tug of war... How about a de-stressing yoga session for the customer care team or a before/after hours bootcamp in the boardroom.  Crazy but ... genius! 

Our innovative and exciting programmes work with you and your team no matter when or where you are. 

Because we focus on what your company REALLY needs, together we can create a positive work atmosphere where employees form long lasting relationships all while having fun and increasing their health and wellbeing!

Results based Programmes

Tally Ho Training tailors every programme so that your employees will enjoy all aspects of it and deliver real results.


Programmes include:

Physical activities and challenges

Desk exercise and stretch breaks

Fun recreational games

Educational workshops and events

Health screenings and tracking

Programme communications and promotion

We love to collaborate


We will partner with your HR, food services, onsite health and marketing teams to develop the best long lasting and effective programme possible, suited specifically to you.

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