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Lisa Gembitsky

My name is Lisa and I am the founder of Tally Ho Training. 

I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years throughout many countries.  I love working with different types of people to help them achieve amazing results. 

I have competed in top level sports including gymnastics, Judo and Karate and have trained hundreds of people.

No matter your goal I can help you to get what you really want.  

I believe having fun is essential, and understand why and what to do are just as important. Let me help you on your fitness journey!

I specialise in...

  • Reshaping your body

  • Increasing muscle mass

  • Rehabilitation - new and old injuries

  • Sports specific training and development

  • Lifestyle design - Work/Fitness/Food/Family

I like to include functional training methods, things you would do in your normal day to day life, alongside resistance training, flexibility work and a bit of boxing to get those frustrations out! 

I can adapt to what is right for you, so we get the perfect blend. 

Leah Cammell

My name is Leah and I started working as a Personal Trainer at City Fitness in September 2019. I became a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Science and a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. 

At the age of seven I started Highland Dancing and it became a big part of my life. I have received my Diploma in Highland Dancing and performed in shows and festivals around the world with the Highland Dance Company of New Zealand.


Through my dancing I found my passion for health, fitness and coaching others, which lead me to pursuing a career in the health and fitness industry. 

As a Personal Trainer I strive to create a fun, challenging training environment that provides my clients with the right knowledge and support they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. 


I specialise in...

  • Weight Loss

  • Increasing your strength 

  • Increasing your flexibility

  • Rehabilitation of new and old injuries

  • Healthy Eating - Qualified nutrition coach

I am a skilled functional training coach with experience in High Intensity Interval Training, TRX suspension training, Resistance training and Bodyweight training.

I am full of energy and experience.

Tally Ho Training


Wellington, New Zealand 

Tel: +64 22 353 2803

Email: Lisa@tallyhotraining.online

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